Our Mission

TECHSICO has one mission, to deliver the highest standards of products and services to ensure unmatched customer satisfaction every time. In an increasingly competitive and ever changing industry, TECHSICO stresses customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business. It is at our core to be up to date on the technologies we design and install. It is our job to understand the evolving needs of the customer and deliver the products and services our customers desire. TECHSICO is a highly motivated, result driven company that puts the customer needs first.

Our Specializations

TECHSICO specializes in project engineering, furnishing, implementation, and testing (EFIT). TECHSICO employs industry professionals with hundreds of years experience in various technology fields. TECHSICO works in all vertical markets including cellular, government, healthcare, house of worship, enterprise, carrier, and more. TECHSICO is a full one stop turnkey contractor that can take any project from the conceptual stage through engineering, installation, testing, as builts, and maintenance. TECHSICO has the talent and infrastructure to solve your technology needs.

Our Solutions

Carrier Services

Central Office
Long Lines
Long Haul

Enterprise Services

Fire Alarms & Security
Network Infrastructure
Telephones & Long Haul

Tower Services

NBS & Modifications
Tower & Civil Upgrades
Maintenance & Surveys
Long Haul