TECHSICO Enterprise

Here is what you will be building:

Cycle count program

To be able to scan item & enter a number of units remaining, next print on remote printer what was scanned and the amount of product entered. Continue this program until done counting all product for this count then submit cycle count and create a report. The report should consist of what was counted, what is needed (Based on a required # of widgets), and a list of items not scanned.

Needs a web interface for adding and managing widgets.

Fields needed:

  • Widget name
  • UPC
  • Thumbnail
  • Cost
  • MFG#
  • Brand
  • UOM-(Unit of Measure) such as Feet, Inches, Units, Ounces, etc
  • Stock Level required #

The app would need to work with standard bar code inputs.

Bonus points: if you can get it to work with either or Both Motorola MC9090-G Handheld Terminal – P/N: MC9090-GK0HJEFA6WR or Honeywell SL42-055301-k Enterprise Sled for Apple iPhone 6 It will be part of the task to look up and find the right resources and use them correctly. Both have a good amount of developer resources on their website, and both are able to work with standard 1d and 2d bar codes.

Winner will be graded on

  • Ease of use 30%
  • Functionality 30%
  • Web & App layout./Designs 20%
  • Code maintainability, cleanness, and elegance will all be considered for the last 20%

Prize Pool will be $2.5K

Winners will also be given the opportunity to work on other top level projects here at Techsico!


What programming language or framework should I use?

Any language or framework will be acceptable provided it can communicate with SQL server for the storage and retrieval of data. Your program code should be clear enough for us to easily go in and add credentials to connect to any database we choose.

How can I submit my entry?

We will offer an official solution very soon, but for now, you can do one of the following. Create a private bitbucket repository and invite upc [] to join your repository, or create a public GitHub repository and email us your link.

More FAQ coming soon, for now, please email upc []