TECHSICO Enterprise

Fire Alarms & Life Safety

Fire alarms and life safety systems are a critical component in keeping your employees safe. Techsico has multiple proprietary brands of fire alarm systems and can service and inspect most systems. Building code requires an annual inspection for fire alarm systems and we have some of the lowest rates for service and inspections around. Techsico also installs may life safety systems including Mass notification systems, nurse call systems, area of refuge and many more. Techsico can solve all of your fire alarm and life safety needs.

Voice & Data 

With the increasing demands placed on networks, Techsico can ensure you have the bandwidth and flexibility to accommodate all your needs. The demand on networks is increasing at an exponential rate. Video conferencing, streaming video and music, wireless demands all increase the need to have a secure and robust network. Techsico is equipped and trained to handle all types of fiber and copper including aerial, outside plant, coax, in building structured cabling, wireless and any other need you may have.

Paging, Intercom, & Clocks

Techsico can design, install, and service your paging, intercom system, and clock systems. Techsico has partnered with the best in the industry, including BogenCarehawk, Valcom, Sapling, Primex, and American Time & Signaling to bring you only the best in paging, intercom, and clock systems. Techsico can install a paging system with any number of zones enabling you to get your message or alert to the right person or campus-wide with ease. Techsico can integrate your bell schedules and prerecorded announcements allowing you to create audible indications of shift changes or alert emergencies over your paging system. Techsico can offer a wide range of custom integrations, including allowing paging in another office on the other side of the globe, or to a phone in the office next to you. Techsico can also design and install intercom systems enabling two-way communication utilizing the speaker as both a microphone and speaker. Techsico can integrate with your clock system to allow bell and announcement schedule that is always in sync with the clock system in all of your buildings. Based on your needs, we can install traditional clock systems utilizing a master clock onsite or IPclocks that sync their time with an internet based time server.  

Security & CCTV Solutions

Techsico can provide multiple services for all of your security needs. CCTV cameras and DVR/NVRs can provide a safer place to work, along with reducing theft. Access control is an effective way to secure your facility with flexibility not provided by traditional locks. Intrusion detection enables you to have Techsico monitor your system and notify authorities if anyone is in your facility that shouldn’t be. With innovative product lines Techsico can even tie all these systems together to make your workplace, school, house of worship or any other facility safe.

Audio & Video

Audio and video systems continue to evolve, Techsico has the lines and training to keep up with this quickly changing market. The workplace has moved to a more technological environment and systems such as video conferencing and digital signage are no longer an add on, but a central part of the workplace. Houses of worship are incorporating more lighting and pro audio video into their services. Techsico is certified and trained in top of the line systems that can achieve the environment you need. Techsico is a proud certified Crestron installer.


Techsico can design, install, and service access control systems for business, big or small. Techsico has partnered with the top companies in access control such as Avigilon, S2, Bosch, Axis, Kantech, Vingtor/Stentofon, and Aiphone to give our customers the best solution for the physical security of their sites. The integration of video and audio intercom systems with access control systems can allow you to secure your facility and allow authorized individuals in your facility. Techsico uses electric or magnetic locks in combination with badge readers and/or keypads, you can selectively give employees, and guests access to areas or rooms and deny access to other areas or rooms. Techsico can integrate your access control system with your camera system, and give you the ability to capture videos of anyone accessing or trying to access your facilities. 

Network Engineering

Techsico’s extensive knowledge of telephony and networking solutions allows us to provide your company with the best design, service, and installation experience. Techsico’s networking partners, such as Meraki, Cisco, Zyxel, Ubiquiti, Aruba, and Cambium Networks, ensure you will get the best in wired and wireless networking solutions. Techsico has also partnered with telephony providers such as Mitel, Shoretel, NEC, and Avaya, allowing us to provide the best telephony solutions for your business. Techsico offers a full range of solutions, whether you are looking for state of the art IP phone system or a traditional digital phone system, Techsico is here to help. Techsico provides service and support on most other manufacturers’ phone systems. Our expert network engineers allow us to design and setup your network the way your company needs it, such as PCs, IP cameras, IP telephones, IP access control devices, IP paging devices communicate flawlessly.